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Terms and conditions

1. An admission fee of Rs. 500/- will be charged if your case is approved for admission.

2. Animal will be treated on spot or brought back to the Karma center depending on the severity of the case.

3. Case reporter agrees that the animal reported is NOT a pet animal & has no rights over the animal or any say in the treatment administered to the animal. The reporter will not be allowed to visit the said animal at the Karma Center unless agreed by the Karma Team.

4. Karma will admit & treat animals to the best of its capacity & place constraints.

5. Updates about the animal will be posted on the karma website if time permits & the same can be viewed by authorized personnel only.

6. Animal will be released / handed over once the treatment is complete. It is the responsibility of the reporter to collect the animal within 24 hours of intimation. The reporter agrees to release the animal at the same place as it was picked up from.